Why We Should Start Saving Water As Soon As Possible

The planets drought is the most alarming situation nowadays. How we should treat our planet and how can we prevent the global warming to be even worse?

It might seem that there’s still sufficient supply of water, as 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. Why, then, the water conservation increasingly resonates in our society? Answers lie in the growing population, global warming, increasing droughts but also within following facts all of which we should take into account, before it’s too late.

Early in 2016, U.S. Geological Survey raised public attention releasing new important facts about water.

The information showed the following:
⦁    The oceans hold up to 96.5% of all Earth’s water. Water also exists in rivers and lakes, ice, water vapour as well as in fauna and flora and, as a matter of course, in us.
⦁    Only 2.5% of all Earth’s water is fresh water. However, it is not to be misconstrued that all the fresh water is available to us and can be used as drinking water.
⦁    68.7% of total fresh water percentage is held up by glaciers and the rest of 30.1% is contained in groundwater.
⦁    As follows from the above, only 1.2% is surface water and other (drinking) fresh water.

All this taken into consideration, it is obvious, there are minimum drinking water resources and as a result of global warming, these resources will be further reduced. We must come to realise that water is not an inexhaustible source and that’ how we must approach it.

How do developed countries use drinking water?

Friends of the earth (FOE) showed a perfect example how to waste drinking water. In its article, FOE summed up drinking water usage by typical Briton.

Having shower, cooking his dinner and flushing the toilet, every Briton consumes an average of 150 litres a day. And there is more!

Taking into account all the water needed to produce all the food and products we use, we actually get through astonishing 4,645 litres every day. And this is really alarming.

Israel takes water shortage seriously and puts significant focus on waste water treatment

Last year, a Deputy of the Czech Republic, Miloš Babiš, also addressed the water treatment issues in his speech warning about dry season coming to Europe.

According to Babiš, we should follow Israel government’s example. The government implemented several measures against great droughts tormenting Israel.

One of the key measures of the government programme was to significantly increase waste water use.

As a result, Israel is able to use 75% of waste water, the highest proportion of waste water of all countries in the world. In following years, Israel expects to increase this percentage up to 90%.

But what about the waste water treatment in other countries? Miloš Babiš thinks that, despite its high potential, 80% of used water is not treated at all. Yet, the above mentioned statistics imply, the time for change has come and we should act before it’s too late.

Start from yourself!

Government water conservation measures are essential, yet, if we want to save Earth’s drinking water, we must change our attitude to water management. We must start from ourselves.

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